Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well, I guess I have one prediction correct already...

The "Fuck You" to the non-JP players has been registered.

The "replacement event" for the Nomad Mog Bonanza:  The "VanaFest Golden Gobbie Giveaway".

There will be a post-VanaFest survey with one Gobbie trivia question.  Answer it right, and you could win...

Basically, a bunch of shit.  Except for one person (US and one EU) who gets to basically choose a Kraken Club, a relic, a mythic, an Empyrean (level 90, BTW, so I don't think you get the 1500 Heavy Metal situation squared away!), 250 (25 for EU) who get a Voidwatch shiny, for the most part, and 1,000 (100 for EU) who get a piece of gear from Legion.

Everything else, including the prize package for the others, is costume stuff plus one entry to the Heroine's Tower.


Real good to your non-JP players.

Your middle finger has been duly registered.

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