Thursday, June 28, 2012

So has anyone decided to take this guy up on his offer and "prove" NeoNyzul is clean?

Official Forums.  I think it's in Battle Content, but may take me a while to search for it.

Someone on the Official Forums offered five Umbral Marrows (the Arch-Dynamis Lord exclusive drop for 95 -> 99 relic upgrades) for any person who could post a video of a Floor 100 NeoNyzul win that was clean.

To my knowledge, no one took him up on his offer, because (IMODO) no one can.

EDIT:  Found it!  At least a repost of his earlier offer:

MarkovChain (Pimpchan from Quetzacotl server) posted it.

"Haha you lose. I'm giving 5 of my 171 marrows to anyone posting their own self made video of a cheat-less F100 Neo Nyzul clear. Come on, show us your mad skillz."


It never ceases to amaze me, the arrogance of other players.

Had a run-in with a couple of players last night after more killstealing bullshit in Dynamis.  Sounds like a lot of fuckers on the Net seem to want to make stealing kills from Beastmasters into a fucking sport over there.

Mark this and mark this well:  With me, you guys are dealing with a person who will get arrested over this game.  (And too much more dick-sucking on the part of the North American Community Team of illegal entities such as BluGartr will accelerate that process -- and the NA Comm Team will get called on that on the VanaFest survey when it comes out!)  Some of you fuckers might want to take a long look at some of the players on the Official Forums who, 13 months ago, were demanding Square-Enix contact my local police department and have me locked up before I went and fucked someone up.

Too many players in this game (and too many people in life) act as if they will never have consequence visited upon them.

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