Friday, July 20, 2012

To the STF: In response to the articles in the Official Forum, here's your request...

Sent to the STF at 7 PM PDT tonight:

This is in response to the Neo-Nyzul articles in the Official Forum.

I could list names like Draylo from Leviathan and Jem from Asura (whose group posted a YouTube video about this and all of them should be immediately banned) and the like (and, yes, I'm reporting Draylo too...), but reporting simply individuals is effectively a waste of time.

You've got another Salvage bans situation here. Your company has DELIBERATELY created a game mechanic (and this isn't the first time -- more the fourth!) to catch this, and it's time to reap what was sown.

I'll put it as I did in my most recent blog post:

"Every player who has Level 100 Neo-Nyzul gear needs to be immediately investigated by the Special Task Force.




I am reporting them all until it is established that Neo-Nyzul can be legally completed. There has been NO verifiable evidence to the contrary.

I am reporting every player with Floor 100 Nyzul gear. You've got a lot of work to do.


guinnessfinger said...

I hope you realise the irony in your post. Jem's group were the first group to hit 100+ and did so before Nyzul DAT edits were discovered. As seen in their video, DAT edits aside they were legit ergo they hit 100+ legit.

The fact that they later used DAT edits doesn't change this fact. So Nyzul 100 is possibly legit, it's just a matter of how few people attempt it legit.

Starcade said...

Well, I see three problems with your stand, Guinnessfinger, and I will address the one you actually posted here first:

1) If the fact that they used .DAT edits later does not nullify their earlier efforts, then that would make .DAT edits _legal_.

The use of any exploit invalidates your character, especially if and when Square-Enix bans you for it.

Otherwise, what would be the point of banishment -- doubly so because another character could (feasibly -- I don't think we've addressed whether a ban under the new Square-Enix payment methods might result in a Crysta lock or even a credit/debit card lock) be made?

So I don't buy the legality of the run on that basis.

Now, for two you don't address:

2) I've made reference and I've made public TWO players (and I believe they are both on Carbuncle, IIRC) who would be glad to give Jem and his group ten Umbral Marrows (five for video proof of a clean F100 clear, and five more for video proof of a clean F100 clear with at least one lamp order floor of five lamps) if your claims are correct.

I'm serious. I'm not sure how'd they'd work a World Transfer, or whether they'd just make an alt on Jem's server (Asura, IIRC).

This is one of the reasons I said what I said and stand behind what I said to the STF. The offers made would be equivalent amount of gil to making a relic (140,000,000 gil for the 10 marrows, if they are bazaared at the prices offered in Vana'diel).

If they can prove it, then PROVE IT. They could literally buy a relic for the proceeds.

You have made a claim that Jem's group did F100 legit. You've got two players willing to offer you items worth 140 MILLION GIL to prove it. You said it, now back it.

3) I want you to understand what you are claiming:

No Windower.
No Third Party Applications of Any Kind.
No Enhanced Speed except that which can be given in the game.
Etc. (That should be enough to disqualify.)

If you can still prove it, or Jem can, he's got a lot of gil coming from those two players who have publicly challenged the player-base, without response.