Saturday, July 21, 2012

A SECOND legal-NeoNyzul F100 clear offer has been made...

Not QUITE the same as the first, but it sounds as if it's of the same ilk, unless this is an alt of Pimpchan, but how that would be legal under the ToS (dboxing?) would be some question.

Mdkuser of Quetzacotl has made this offer before:

It's ANOTHER five Umbral Marrows for a video of a legal NeoNyzul Floor 100 clear, with two conditions additional to the legality:

1) All players use SE's standard client.  No Windower, etc.  (Which should, of course, be part of the legality, but he reiterates it.)
2) For his challenge specifically, there must be at least one floor in the clear that is a lamp order floor with 5 lamps, without .dat modding.

"I'm still offering 5 umbral marrow to anyone proving me with a video that they won nyzul SE's client and with at least one order lamp floor with 5 lamps."

Post is #74.


And a BG gem before I log off.

I just wanted dear, sweet Korialstrasz to know that I saw and responded to his previous rant.  (Post #1051.)

And I don't care if he somehow got AF4 (which I would not be surprised if it's part of SoA!), Churchill from Lakshmi.  The guy's a cheater and admits it through his use of illegal timestamps.  So that invalidates all arguments to have about his gear.

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