Friday, July 27, 2012

So when are we going to see the banning of at least half the North American players, GM Baudle?

So this is how you end the Neo-Nyzul thread on the Official Forums?

"We do not tolerate third party programs or promoting it. For this reason, we will be locking this thread. Thank you for your understanding."

Then ban half the NA players at least, because the only reason you probably still give the North American player-base support is that Square-Enix (and especially it's North American Community Team with their tonguing of BG during VanaFest) openly tolerates the use of Third-Party Programs (Hello, Windower!) and encourages their use because they just -- can't -- seem -- to -- want -- to -- enforce -- their -- own -- Goddamned -- rules.

You basically just tipped the hand that you're going to have to do another NA end-game erase (Salvage v.1 being the first) Real Damn Soon Now.


BTW, still waiting (as of today, about 1:15 PM BG time) for someone to take Pimpchan up on his offer.

Of course, there's someone trying to deflect about World Transfers and all that shit, but 5 Umbral Marrows is 70M gold -- about $630 on the open market for you cheating bitches.

And NO ONE is taking him up on it.

Kinda because it just CAN'T BE DONE.

Working As Intended.

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