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I'll tell you what... _I'll_ answer your questions, Karbuncle!

More Neo-Nyzul cheat-apologist bullshit on the Official Forums.

Karbuncle, one of the BitchGartr cheaters, decided to ask an intelligent poster 3 questions on Post #85 of the continuing pre-ban argument about Neo-Nyzul.

So I will answer them for you...

1) How does them dat swapping, effect your playstyle, or you?

Because it makes cheating the accepted, if not the preferred, if not the DEMANDED mode of play-style for any relevant play in Final Fantasy XI.

That's the short answer.

The longer one probably comes with a call for at least firing half the North American Community Team in Square Enix for Final Fantasy XI.  I would openly accuse, after their VanaFest 2012 streaming performance, Bayohne and Camate of being compromised by the sole and only real remaining relevant cross-server community on FFXI these days -- and that's BluGartr.  I would also state that I think some of the North American GMs have been similarly compromised.


Hell, PFA just had a mini-episode on Windower, for God's sake!  If that isn't basically all but endorsing and demanding that players cheat to even be socially accepted in this game, I know little else which will convince you.

The elite players on the North American side (and they believe the JP's are worse, by the way!) effectively believe that this is the way to play the game and demand that all who play with them play that way or get off the fucking game.  Players like you, Karbuncle, believe that players like me are a waste of computer resources, uselessly lag the game, and should be expelled for the good of the rest of the community -- because we DON'T cheat.

In doing as such as you do, you effectively are setting the ground rules for play because you basically already have significant support within Square-Enix (known in the NA Community Team, and I would put money on some of the NA GMs as well!), and believe that so many cheaters are in the game that the game cannot survive without it.

But you are declaring the socially acceptable parameters by which to play the game, and that is no less a demand on my playstyle than my violent demand for the rules to be enforced is a demand on yours!

So somebody's going to impose on somebody.

2) IF you can find an Answer to 1, Which I doubt, Why does it make you so angry?

The same way rigged sports do.  That's why I have an entire separate blog on them, Super Fraud.

It would be as if a player came up to me on the side of a track and openly (and publicly!) said that I should use anabolic steroids to get properly prepared to actually compete in track and field.  I all but had a player do that to me publicly (Dreamx) a number of days ago on Leviathan!

If the rules and the law mean nothing, then I guess you wouldn't mind if I came to your door someday and decided to take matters into my own hands because of conduct within the game and smash your computer into a million pieces!

Basically, I can't operate in a world with your level of (lack of) morals.

To that vein:

3) If you can answer 2, Which i doubt, Have you realized lately this is a game?

No, because it accurately represents your (collective) moral compass outside the game as well!

You act in game as you would outside it.  That's the issue I have.

Now, to dispel some of your other myths in this post:

Well, I tend to agree that cheating is in fact bad, Especially when it directly and negatively impacts other gamers, Like Botting at HNMs. But, Nyzul Isle, Is a closed, Instanced event. Them swapping .dats on Lamps is not preventing you from Doing the event, and takes nothing away from your personal experience of the event. 

Actually, yes it does -- in the purest form.  Understanding that cheating is necessary to complete the event to any reasonable extent means I DO NOT PLAY THE EVENT.  I do not play Salvage for the same reason!

If an event requires cheating to complete, then you have no right to play the event at all -- as the event, if Working As Intended, will expose the cheaters as anyone who has successfully completed the event (which see, PW and AV at 75, and Salvage, to any reasoned number of drops!).  Playing the event, in so many terms, becomes a violation of the ToS on it's face.

It most certainly takes from my personal experience of the event, because I cannot reasonably nor feasibly take part in it to any level of success without expecting a nasty-gram from the Special Task Force telling me to find another game to play at some point down the line.

This is why they should've ended Salvage completely on January 22, 2009.  This is why they should shut down Neo-Nyzul now.

Are you angry they have the pixels before you? If so, Why does it matter? You can just wear it proudly that you may have obtained it without cheating, therefor, your victory is significantly more rewarding in the end. Isn't this game about personal achievements? Why do you care about the achievements of others first? This is as stupid as wanting job Nerfs on Diablo 3. 

If, of course, doing so is POSSIBLE.  Which there is zero evidence to indicate that it is, at this time.

I mean, Hell, they did job Nerfs in Diablo 3 on the first or second day of it's release!  One prominent research group in the game used their research to find at least an illegitimate (if not illegal -- and the argument has gone back and forth on that one!) way to try to be "World's First" to clear the game on Nightmare Mode.

They had to abort the entire effort upon an immediate job Nerf to take care of it.

Why do I care about the achievements of others first?  I care because the vast majority of them are illegal (and many of the rest, declared illegitimate).  Give me a legal and legitimate achievement, and I will applaud it.

In most cases, with the lot of you in FFXI, I'm still waiting.  Start with a bee in Gustaberg on the legal client without any illegal enhancements.

Hating is a full time job, Probably missed the better half of school hating on people with better books than you, Or hating on people with better clothes.

"The better half of school", in our culture, is hating on our lessers.  This is why most schools now only exist for their athletic programs and their rape harems...  ERRRRRRR...  Cheerleaders.

And as for lack of reading comprehension:

1) I never said specifically any of my friends cheat, or anyone in my LS cheats. I say that if they were banned for cheating, I'd be upset
Which immediately implies acceptance and endorsement of cheating -- and your ties to BG take care of the rest.

2) I specifically say I never cheat. You won't even find so much as windower installed on my PC.
To wit you are a liar or should dissociate yourself with BG.

3) I don't condone cheating when it negatively effects other people, But I'm not so ignorant as to think any form of cheatin is evil. Cheating has been around for ever. You've probably used multiple cheats on your single player games. So, We're not back on Hypocritical too, just pointing that out. 

Since all the players on an MMO are connected, ALL CHEATING ON AN MMO NEGATIVELY EFFECTS OTHER PEOPLE.


And no, Raksha from Lakshmi, you did not find my new sock puppet.

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