Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And yet more on the "WE WANT HNMs, WE WANT BOTS!!!" bullshit...

And the hits just keep on coming....

One thing I've been thinking about before I get into the latest batch of baloney:  If this is the attitude that most of the "elite" players are going to have here, I do openly begin to wonder if their designed modus operandi is going to be an open cock-block (using the environmental blockages to their advantage!) to ensure that they (and only they) are going to be able to access Secrets of Aldouin content...

It's like what they used to do when ToAU was first put out.  What some players did was, when Cerberus was placed behind a locked door, and the group didn't have the key to get in, they would force Cerberus to agg them through the door, and then to use Draw In to get the group into the fight proper.

That, my friends, is an exploit, and a bannable one at that!

So enter two closed threads from the Official Forums.  I don't think either one of these is going to be around for long, even though the second thread had 37 pages of the fucking bullshit, so let's see how many people I can report to the Special Task Force tonight...

(And I will, too, if I see content that goes to actual endorsement of the bots.)

The shorter thread was "How to avoid Bots becoming required again to experience endgame content in FFXI".

Started with the obvious "Force Pop" argument by Kilta from Bahamut.  No harm, no foul:  It's what SE did to finally get rid of the stuff.

Taruina from Siren is just tired of the whole fol-de-rol:

"this is a horrible debate, you're either on the side of the gimps who don't even know how to run an [a] party, the basement gnomes, or the bot profiteers. the game's over 10 years old, why should anyone give a cat? let natenn and habu do what they do best and camp the internet while tabbing to ffxi every minute to check if omfg1337skill loot mob pops, while mom/wife/caretaker/indentured servant brings them moar hotpockets; hypothetically speaking, of course. and rosa will just start to see real progress on her relic, whent hey finally nuke the servers. again, all hypothetical."

No, Taruina:  Don't let Bechyne from Carbuncle and Natenn from Asura "do what they do best" -- they will ensure that they, and only they, can enjoy the content.  Or would you like it to get this bad?

Again, I truly believe the BG's and Bechynes and Natenns will fully attempt to block all other players off of Aldouin content, literally walling THEM inside of Aldouin with the people of Aldouin.

We don't need that shit.  We didn't need it five years ago.

More bullshit from Taruina:

"rosa thinks dual boxing is botting"

I do know that, at one time, it did appear as if dual boxing was, in fact, illegal!  It may well not be now, but it certainly did appear that a Term of Service was one character logged in at a time.  I've looked through a number of the current Terms, and cannot find it.  However, I do not find it unreasonable if she were to say it was illegal, though.

Going to the other, longer thread, Kilta from Bahamut (the most controversial poster on the Official Forums, post-my-permanent-disqualification from them) posited:

"I'm a firm believer in people playing how they wish. You guys have literally no reason or right to tell me how to play if u want that right pay for my account."

Someone's going to impose on someone else's play-style no matter which way that goes.  Either we force them to follow the rules, or they will force us to bow to them.

Additionally,  here's the thing:  These idiots think they own the game, and, hence, not only their materials, but yours as well.  This is where I believe they will do everything they can to block other players (through non-removal of environmental enfeebles, should they exist, non-removal of physical blockages that they passed, etc. and so forth) from enjoying Aldouin content) from actually playing the game.

They believe illegal conduct is a function of "knowing how to play the game".

Natenn from Asura:  If HNMs were the best thing to happen to the game, then you must think that the only purpose for about 90% of the players in this game is to literally suck your cock.

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