Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RMT is still winning, Square-Enix...

In fact, a number of players have openly unearthed a rather significant gil-laundering operation to attempt to circumvent the known anti-RMT mechanisms such as the RMT Pwner v. 1.337 ...

All one has to do is to go to their server's Auction House and pull up the information on a Chocobo Feather.

A single, rather comparatively insignificant Chocobo Feather.

On every server in the game, in the last ten transactions, there have been literally single transactions in which a single Chocobo Feather has been sold for Mog Bonanza levels of gil.  Tens of millions of gil.

This is no joke.  It is a sophisticated, though rather simple, gil-laundering operation to attempt to circumvent efforts by the Special Task Force to combat RMT, to the tune of tens/hundreds of millions of gil, as and when possible.

Hell, I just got my first RMT tell in ages from Brosale today, charging $9/million gil.

(Even at those prices, a Stripeshell is still pushing $500, making a relic damn near worth at least a grand...)

STF and GMs have been notified.

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