Friday, July 6, 2012

To the "We Want Timed Pop HNMs Back" Brigade: FUCK YOU and your BG-level bullshit...

Wanted to write this for about two weeks.  Finally getting around to it, Dynamis Tonight and idiots in the fucking neighborhood allowing...

I've seen several calls for the return to the bot-fests and MPK-sprees that were the timed pop HNMs, including ongoing debates on the Official Forums.  Since the reason I can't post on the Official Forums is that I'd like to take many players with this attitude and smash their computers straight off of FFXI and out of existence, here will have to suffice for my response.

Fuck you and the horses who rode in on you.

For example:  Bechyne of Carbuncle, who decided that he feels that bots and illegal claim situations actually make you supernaturally smart, in comparison to today's FFXI, where he feels the game is being populated by a bunch of shitty toddlers.  Then, to make his point even further, he basically puts up another picture basically saying that all casuals should treat him as if he had a restraining order against them.

Appears to be a friend of major BG contributor NynJa, and that's about all I need to know to say "Fuck you, fuck your ass..." and basically discard most anything you say on this subject as pro-bot drivel.

Such as this bullshit:

"The game is less dramatic now? You're kidding right? You must not see people cry about emps, or how they wiped and their mob was taken, or how they're stupid and popped an HNM attacked something else, it goes yellow and it gets taken."

Because players -- like -- you -- are -- DICKS.

That clear enough for you?  And the worst part of all this is that you LIKE IT and you WANT IT TO BE THAT WAY.

Demonjustin from Phoenix with a counterpoint to Bechyne:

"You know why this matters nothing? Because I am fairly sure you were an asshole when gear gave you that right and power, now you are the same as everyone and hate having lost it. So you want to come here and tell everyone how you want your things to be special so when people don't have it you can gloat and feel mighty. Not much reason to have separate gear between people, yet you love the idea so much, so this is what I assume you are. As such I will give you the same thing I am given all the time as a response, quit and play something else if you don't like it."

Exactly, and here's the thing:  That was the entire point of his playing of Final Fantasy XI -- to belittle the "lesser persons" of the game off of it.  One of the main reasons this game has failed in the MMO market is that Square-Enix openly desired money over integrity, and allowed entities like BG to effectively take over the community.  (So much so that it wasn't clear whether the English VanaFest stream was more information or cock-sucking of the aforementioned BG, and the two on the stream will hear about that if/when I ever get an opportunity to do so -- since the Golden Gobbiebag is just a quick thing to select the prizes!)

This was one of the reasons I was very happy with the 99 level-cap increase:  It BLOWS UP THE POWER STRUCTURE.  Takes the entire "LS only exists for My Dick In Your Mouth!" or "Don't whine if you can't claim anything because I have three bots!!" mentality, putting the e-peens in a woodchipper, and slicing them to bits!!

Another counter from DaBackPack of Phoenix:

"If ANYBODY can provide a reasonable explanation as to how claiming an HNM equates to "skill" (or even mastery of the game's mechanics) then I will personally change to your server and give you 5 million gil and a pat on the back."

Bots and Windower and illegal plug-ins and add-ons are, in their world, "skill".  Effectively, in their world, performance-enhancing steroids are actually skillful to use, and those who refuse to do so have no right to share the field with the superior athletes who do.

It's like one of the BG shitheads said, and I can't find the reference I made in my blog...  "I have claim, you don't."  Never mind that the bot-user should be in jail for what they're doing, nooooooooooooooooo....

Natenn from Asura needs a clue-by-four:

"Ppl just mad they couldn't claim so they use every excuse in the book, claim or get out. EVERYONE crys bots wha wha wha when you actually have 0 or little evidence. Some items/fights are supoosed to rare, not popped 100x a day or dropped givin to random ppl who can't even utilise them properly. FFXI needs to go back to stuff actually having to be worked towards, not oh i got lucky on a VW drop now let me not show up anymore herp derp. Long respawns/hard NMs are the future."

Stop it.  Just STOP IT.  You are insulting my intelligence and probably trying to either justify or recoup a bot investment.  Bots are a known commodity in this game, so much so that one guy, before he was openly busted by Square-Enix, was said to have made a six-figure income off the bullshit.

There is all evidence on bot usage to have a mob "pop purple".  Stop insulting the intelligence of the few legitimate players left in Vana'diel, asshole.

First-degree FFXIAH elitist too, I see.  Bitch, best you stay away from me, brother...

And here's the worst part:  Say you did get claim by the bot.  You'd have to not only defeat the HNM, but the four alliances who were deliberately trying to wipe your ass/lag you out/MPK you to steal the HNM!  Spike Flail, anyone?

FFXI does NOT need to go back to where you need a $2,000 bot (and, yes, they did often get that expensive -- NASA, anyone?) to actually play content.  But, that's what the elite North American game community seems to want (right up to the official Square-Enix Community Team, given their support of BluCheater.)

Saevel of Lakshmi actually makes a very good point here:

"SE really needs to stop the Killer Game Master mentality.

Every NM is equipped with
deadly aoe killer moves.

They also follow a Zero Sum Game, Them vs US. This is known as the Amber Law
"Gamemasters and players can be fully expected to try and screw each other over, even during character creation""
I do assert that Square-Enix Japan has this mentality, because of just this Amber Law.  People seem to forget the amount of elite players and linkshells utterly smashed by the Salvage bans back in the day, and I believe this is one of the main reasons that Square-Enix, as a Japanese company, openly tries to screw over the United States player-base (and SHOULD DO SO):  Much of the elite American player community uses illegal tactics in effectively everything they meaningfully do in the game, and get the blessing and support of the community, even into the company level, for doing so.
So why shouldn't Square-Enix Japan effectively create monsters and game mechanics specifically designed to detect cheating, as they have done at least four times now?
I'll have more on this, I think, as Seekers draws closer.  Oh boy...

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