Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"This is for Rodney King... And the two TV's are for me!!"

Ahhh, BluGartr...



Agents in the field notified me that I have been singled out, once again, for the honor of having my gear declared "gimp".  These cocksucking thieving fuckers basically devote an entire section of their little circle-jerk to so doing.

And, according to agents in the field, I was singled out.

(Oh, please let it be my current PUP setup.  :) )

Well, before I do that, something else I ran into looking for my latest foray:

Susannee from Shiva has had enough of the mog house congestion.  Now, I don't know if the players will actually get banned for this, but it IS against the Terms of Service to create that kind of a bottleneck!

(Not that it's probably going to get punished now -- a soon-to-be-implemented update will remove collision detection if someone stands still for, what is it, 10 seconds??)

Anyway, let's see what they say, and where...

Ah...  Found it!!  From five days ago.

Korialstrasz, from a Voidwatch run...  (Yes, was that the one that our group leader decided to stick me in the one group which never healed nor buffed....  That got an indiscreet Warp after a certain period of time.)  Post 1907 in the 23rd Gimp/Confused/WTF thread...  (On this page...)

Listen, boy...  I got news for your little ass.  I earned that gear and am very proud of it.  How bout, in a couple months, I take my Gungnir and stick it straight up your botting/Windower posterior?

You seem to forget a few things, little ones...  There is certain "elite" gear that we who play by the rules in this game are not entitled to, because of little shits like you.  If the players were actually forced to play by the rules, I'm sure I could get gear that might stand up to your "if your nose was any higher, you'd draw rain!" standards...

Also:  About that "not augmented" deal  (full DRG AF2 + 2, but no augments)...  DRG is not the job I take into Dynamis Tonight (my little name for a mini-static of a few people who go to Dynamis together with me.  Total membership:  Usually about 4, but it's rare that we all can go as late as I need to go from time to time.), so kiss my entire royal posterior.

Yeah, Kor, right there too, bitch.

EDIT:  Guess I just had to wait about a day or so.  They're there.  Humorless and covering their asses, as usual.

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