Saturday, August 11, 2012

I can't believe people don't get it, again and again and again....

Churchill:  Please read for comprehension.  I said "Set it up."  You want it?  I don't have a problem with that.  To get what you believe (as the owners of this game, as you believe) you want out of this game, you need me either locked up or dead.

So fuck you and set it up.

Now, to what I was actually posting:

I am continuing to read the "Do you really think that little of your playerbase?" thread on the Official Forums and am just dumb-struck as to how few people actually get WHY you won't even get the answer as to why Square-Enix (Japan) is so disrespectful and disregarding of the American player-base.

The reason you won't get specifics is NOT that the specifics are proprietary information.

The reason IS that most of the North American player-base, and effectively anyone the player-base deems "important" (with very few exceptions, if any!) is a bunch of trolling, lying, cheating, pieces of shit who don't deserve the information Square-Enix would supply if it answered your question.

It gets back to what Rosina said:

"Lastly, as for job balance, the fault lies with you guys. You guys pretty much fk'ed with the system. Now SE has to scramble to pretty much balance the game around you guys."

Good going, player-base.

The "balance" that Tanaka was trying to implement in the last months of his administration was NOT within the concepts of the game itself.

The "balance" was the attempt to rein in the BluGartrs, the app-creators, the hackers, the bot-users, etc. and so forth, so as to _attempt_ -- and, to date, fail -- to enforce their rules on a player-base who not only doesn't respect them, but truly believes they know more about the game than Square-Enix:

Although with varying amounts of sarcasm, this is basically what the BG community believes:

(Churchill again)

"Face it son, you fucking lost the game. We have more money, and we have more power than you. We fucking own FFXI and we'll do whatever the fuck we want. I will run at 200% speed and I will make walls invisible and I will laugh at people like you who don't use windower and wear full AF2."

They think they know more about the game than the guys and gals who make it, code it, etc.

Then why aren't you the GMs yourselves?

You basically believe you own the fucking place.  You basically use the game-equivalent of steroids without any regard to other players or to Square-Enix.  You believe it is nothing short of mental illness NOT to cheat.

In that realm, you will get violence -- you don't want me in that environment.

Fuck you.  And if Churchill wants it to his face, set it up.

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