Sunday, August 12, 2012

The latest assholery from Our Lords and Masters...

Coolbeans on BluCheater:  "He's on to our steroid use and he's coming to bust our juicing asses."

Why, yes I am.

To those who care:  These jack-offs think it's mental illness not to cheat, troll, steal, and commit criminal acts in Final Fantasy XI.

And to basically openly admit the usage of the game-equivalent of steroids and then laugh when they are called on it is just obscene.

Mairja, same idiocy:  "Hey, Starcade, the reason Rosina is the OF's lightning rod isn't that she speaks the truth and we dislike it. It's because she's a goddamn moron who 99% of the time has no fucking clue wtf she's talking about and is just spewing bullshit all over the forum."

You have no fucking right to tell me nor anyone else with any degree of legitimacy what is bullshit in this game and what is not.

Nor does anyone else on BluGartr.

Rosina is a "goddamn moron" because she will not cheat to win.  Rosina "doesn't know what she is talking about" because the people who declare "how to play the game" on the US/NA side make cheating a requirement to do so.

You have no right to tell anyone how to play the game, any more than Barry Bonds knows how to play baseball or Ben Johnson knows how to run 100 meters.

You fuckers couldn't kill a bee in North Gustaberg without Windower, the way you fuckers go on and on.

You forfeited the legitimacy of your characters, your research, and everything you do on FFXI when you hang with these dogs.

The only reason you have an ounce of acceptance in this game is that there's a very good chance the North American part of the MMO Division of Square-Enix is at least as crooked as you are!

And you don't get that this is WHY the JP part of same division largely ignores your sorry asses!

BluGartr has done more to destroy the game than any other group on FFXI, with the possible exception of Chinese RMT.


Anthony Hernandez said...

You must have Autism. Because no sane person would care this much about a 10 year old video game.

Anthony Hernandez said...

You must have Autism or something. No sane person would rabble on like this about a 10 year old game. Go out a smell the flowers in front of Debbie Gibsons house.

Starcade said...

One comment at a time:

If it were just that, I wouldn't have so much an issue.

Someone made the comment for me on the Official Forums a few days back -- this isn't just about a bunch of little fucking shits running around like they own the place.

This is how you guys act in real life -- and someone needs to smack you down before you feel you're allowed to do anything you want.

Starcade said...

PS: I don't even know if she has flowers out there. I assume they'd smell real nice.

You must feel I have so much of autism that you felt the need to post your tripe three times.

Fuck you.

Fuck your friends at BluGartr.

Little Flower said...

<3 u starcad

Little Flower said...

(text limit)e

Unknown said...

"This is how you guys act in real life -- and someone needs to smack you down before you feel you're allowed to do anything you want."

If your little theory here were to hold any water, the people you're attacking have long since been acting "this way" in real life.

I use windower and APRadar, and yet I've never done anything that would get me thrown in prison. This is because I respect the social contract and also the dignity of other human beings. Shocking turn of events!

Starcade said...

You answered your own question without realizing it, "Unknown".

The social contract, as presently constructed, only allows for the dignity of _certain_ human beings.

And if you need any education on that, I would highly suggest you take a look at the political leanings of much of this country.

Our schools are predicated on bullying, harassment, and belittlement of anyone who is of no use to the social structure (read, in most cases: not athletes).

Son, there's a reason I would rather enforce the ToS that strongly: Because I DO NOT and I CAN NOT respect your "social contract".

Fuck your social contract, especially if the social structure of Final Fantasy XI is the type of stuff that "respecting the dignity of [some] human beings" implies.

That's one of the reasons I don't. Because I don't expect that dignity in return.