Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finally, SOMEONE is attempting to cash in on Pchan-MarkovChain

Finally, after how many weeks and months, we at least have one person who has decided to finally put money to mouth -- maybe...

wish12oz from the Official Forums, Kaerin from Odin, posted the following sometime in the last 24 hours:

"Bumping this thread to say that I started doing Neo Nyzul for my mage mule, and to put my money where my mouth is I even live streamed it and recorded it. So now I have this awesome video from last night saved on my PC where I won 2 of the 3 runs we did without cheating. So now the question is: Will Pchan pay up? Do I need to do anything else? There were other people watching as I did it. Do I need to find an editing program and crop out like 6 hours of video so I can have the 3 nyzul runs together, then speeding them up so I can post them to youtube? (youtube has a 10 min video length max unless your videos get tons of views or something) So how about it Pchan? Wheres my marrows? Am I getting 10 instead of 5 since I won 2 in a row also?"

I assume BG will get this information to Kaerin:
  • Well, you said you live-streamed it and recorded it.  Upload it and give us the link.  (Probably even easier if this was or somesuch, but I'm not quite sure on the particulars.)  BG (who would have a VERY vested interest in this) could help you get it highlighted so it gets kept for a while!
  • You don't even need to necessarily crop them for YouTube purposes.  It might be easier if you did -- though I also do know you can start us at a certain point in the video.  You've got an hour or so of video to show us for the 2 runs.
  • And here's the other thing:  If one of those runs was of an order-lamps floor with the maximum five lamps, you WOULD be entitled to a second five Marrows, but not from pchan.  Mdkuser, also from Quetzacotl, made that offer on the bug announcement on the Official Forums.
  • No Windower either - that's an automatic DQ.
You do not realize the statement you are making.   If you can prove a legal F100 NeoNyzul clear, and actually PROVE it, you may have saved the accounts of much of the remaining elite-endgame crew in this game.

  • Post the video of the stream, and/or the link thereof.
  • Ensure we can see all relevant information to indicate the clears were legal.
  • Vanilla client, legal to the Terms of Service.
  • And remember:  No posted video, no claim.  If you need help, there are numerous players who I am certain will be glad to help you.

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