Thursday, August 16, 2012

I guess I have to clarify for a bunch of motherfucking jackasses

Number One:  I do not believe anyone over at Square-Enix reads this blog.  I tweeted the link to FFXI_EN because it was the level of my participation in the "Dear Akihito Matsui" business.

Your belief in the delusions of my grandeur shows no boundaries, BluCheater.

Do I think they should read it?  Do I think they had BETTER read it?  Yes.

But do I think they do?  Look at who their own goddamned Community Team supports!  It makes me wonder if Square-Enix actually gets financial support/"tribute" from BG themselves!

Number Two:  You do realize that, if you wish to apply the general "stalker" mentality to me, you'd have to conclude that, by effectively being "tied in infamy", I would've gotten what you believed I would've sought in 1998.  Because, as you correctly mention,

Nothing, of course, would be further from the truth, but let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Number Three:  If you believed half the shit you post there about me, you'd be in contact with the FBI already -- and would've been so for years.

Who the fuck are you to think you'd get better than what she got?

Seriously...  Who the fuck are you...

People like you make me WANT to go back to jail.

Number Four:  An unenforced contract (and a fraudulent one) is no contract whatsoever.  If Square-Enix were to have no obligation to universally uphold the Terms of Service (and I do believe there are decisions, other than Leong vs. Square-Enix, which say this), then Square-Enix, factually, would have no legal right to continue support of Final Fantasy XI in any circumstance.  Their entire contract would be null!

Frankly, why aren't you motherfuckers running the show at this point, BluCheater?  One would think that, in exchange for my money, I would have an expectation and a demand that the playing field be level.

The problem with that comes in the Spygate lawsuit -- that, basically, no such contract may well exist.  At that point, the game becomes not only a lawless construct in the United States, but, hence, probably an illegal one as well.

Maybe that's my answer to #3...

Basically, in answer to Byrthnoth:

"Hey guys, half our paying customers are big fat cheaters. Lets ban them all and lose more than half of our profits! What? That's not feasible? Well, lets just ban everyone and shut down the servers instead."

Exactly.  Otherwise, don't come crying to me when I start taking the law into my own hands.

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Anthony said...

Every post you make makes me incredibly happy. How many years have you been browbeating this stuff? 4? 5? You can do nothing. Yiu threaten and threaten and curse and use big words but you are nothing. Nothig you have ver done has ever impacted any other players play. Cheating hasnt stopped, griefing hasnt stopped, and everyone hates you.
SE hates you (bans), players hate you, Im sure local police hate you, and Debbie Reynolds hates you.
Keep posting please, obscenly entertaining. BRB starting up a neo-nyzul run