Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The new 2 hours: My thoughts...

They're about to go on the test server now, but it looks like they have an idea of the 20 jobs' new 2-hours for level 99.

Some thoughts:

WAR:  Regular attacks will become non-elemental and grants a drastic increase in accuracy.

Formless Strikes + Accuracy  I could see a couple of Voidwatch fights in which this could be useful (Jeuno L4 in Ronfaure, for one...), but that just doesn't read "L99 2 Hour" to me.

MNK:  Grants a 100% counter-rate against regular attacks from enemies. Also, the amount of enmity gained by this will increase drastically.

Absolute Counter, and you're now the tank, Mr. Monk!  Congratulations.

Nice "Oh Shit!" situation there, but you've probably got 60 seconds to kill whatever it is you're up against!

WHM:  Grants party members protection from status ailments.

Half of Alexander-SMN's Perfect Defense.  Probably the half most people need it for too!

BLM:  Grants a drastic decrease in enmity generated by magic attacks.

How about just no emnity, especially as squishy as most effective BLMs are?

RDM:  Grants an increase to the effect of enhancing magic.

It's official.  RDM now only exists to get your Maat's Cap.  R.I.P.

THF:  Major damage is dealt to the enemy and all enmity will be transferred to the player standing in front of them.

I've got an official name for that:  "Fuck You Both!!"

PLD:  Grants an increase to the chance of blocking with a shield and reflects the blocked damage to the attacker.

As a 2-hour?  Merited at 99???  That almost makes Invincible preferred!!

DRK:  Steals an enemy's TP through regular attacks while the effect is active.

TP Drain.  Nice analogue to Blood Weapon.

BST:  Absorbs the pet and recovers both HP and removes status ailments. Also, the player will receive a Reraise effect.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...  So I lose the pet, but I also heal my HP (at least some, probably based on HP of the pet), and remove status ailments too?  And I get a RR??  And what of my Call Beast timer?

Interesting, but that could reek overpowered!

BRD:  Drastically reduces the magic defense, magic evasion, and INT/MND of the target.

Uhhh, no.  Just...  no.

RNG:  The range modifier will become the optimal distance no matter the range to the target. Also, ammunition will not be consumed.

THIS is more what I would have in mind for a 99 2-hour!!!  You get free ammo AND the optimal distance.

SAM:  All damage caused by physical special abilities will be evaded. Additionally, weapon skill damage will increase as more special abilities are evaded.

Gotta be careful with Samurai.  Probably one of the more base-powerful jobs in the game, you have to be careful what you give it.  This is measured without becoming ridiculous, but is almost certainly situational enough that Meikyo Shisui will be preferred.

NIN:  Grants a drastic increase in parry rate. Additionally, Ninjutsu recast times will be reduced by 50% and ninja tools will not be consumed.

See RNG.  Same principles here.  Free tools AND parrying increases and recasts are halved!

DRG:  Wyvern’s HP is completely restored and all status ailments are cured. Additionally, the wyvern’s stats will increase.

No.  Just...  no.  Spirit Link + XP for the wyvern?  PASS!!!

SMN:  The recast time of both summoning magic and Blood Pacts will become 0 while under the effect of the ability.

There you go.  Spam as many Garuda attacks (Predator Claws) as you can within the time limit!!  (And your remaining MP base.)

BLU:  While the ability is in effect, blue magic from Unbridled Learning can be used continuously.

See SMN, to an extent, I guess...

COR:  Grants the ability to use up to 3 Phantom Roll effects.

2 is the current max, IIRC.  Wild Card might still be preferrable, except in mega-boss fights or the like.

PUP:  Automaton will use special abilities. Special ability usage will depend on the automaton head.
Harlequin Head: Mighty Strikes
Valoredge Head: Invincible
Sharpshot Head: Eagle Eye Shot
Stormwaker Head: Chainspell
Soulsoother Head: Benediction (Will apply to the party members and automaton itself)
Spiritreaver Head: Manafont

Basically, depending on the head used, the automaton will gain a 2-hour commensurate with it.  Not bad.

DNC:  Grants maximum amount of Finishing Moves and the recast time of all Flourishes will be reset.
Additionally, while the ability is in effect, Finishing Moves will not be consumed.

*buzzer*!!  Unless that's an "OH SHIT, I NEED MORE TP OR I DIE!!!!111!!11eleven", that's another "Just....  no."

SCH:  Will direct enmity of all party members to an indicated player.

Basically either to get the tanking back in order or to kill that annoying party member who isn't going to do anything anyway!

UGH.  Maybe a half a dozen or so of these...  tops...  are ANY good???

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