Friday, August 17, 2012

I normally would just respond to this, but this is just too priceless and funny not to see more widely...

"Anthony" spewed forth and decided to try his best at, well...  I'm not exactly sure what he was trying to do, unless he was trying to do it under the influence of several illicit substances:

"Every post you make makes me incredibly happy. How many years have you been browbeating this stuff? 4? 5?"

Late 2008, pushing four years.

Pretty much from about the moment I seriously made 75 BST and learned that the game had just started.

"You can do nothing. Yiu threaten and threaten and curse and use big words but you are nothing. Nothig you have ver done has ever impacted any other players play."

Ladies and gentlepeoples, if you want to see WHY I rail, and will continue to do so, I want you to try to read this, and the remainder of the comment, if your Bullshit-to-English BluGartr Translator is on.

"Cheating hasnt stopped, griefing hasnt stopped, and everyone hates you."

You don't realize that the last gives me more freedom (and always has, since high school) to continue to speak out.

You're right in all regards, and that's why it might take vigilante justice.

"SE hates you (bans),"

I'd go more specifically to the North American part of Square-Enix on that one, but would agree that far.

"players hate you,"

I have no problem with that.  Cheating, griefing, stupid fucktards basically run around without regard for anyone but themselves -- of course they'd hate me.

"Im sure local police hate you,"

Damn straight.  Flipped off a few of them too.  Nothing but a local arm of the Department of Homeland Security anyway.

"and Debbie Reynolds hates you."
Need I say any more with respect to that this guy is on some form of drugs?

Wow...  Stalking Debbie Reynolds...  That's a good one.

She only would've been sixty-six years old when I got arrested.  Damn, you think I get around...

(*insert dripping sarcasm logos here any time now*)

"Keep posting please, obscenly entertaining. BRB starting up a neo-nyzul run"

I guess I have to, although I'm not exactly sure, after this post, that he can even read the words "Fuck You"...

You are illiterate, moronic, probably on drugs, and basically are the perfect example as to why I do what I do and say what I say.

Don't take it seriously?  Fuck you, I don't care.

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