Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I think I know two things about the US player-base's running feud with Rosina from the Official Forums...

1) I can now see why they think that she's a sock puppet of me.

2) She may or may not be right on everything she posts, but sometimes she gets it so right, she's way too close to home for the BitchGartr cheater brigade.

There was a very appropriate thread on the Official Forums.  Not sure how much longer it's going to exist, but the title should say it all...

"Do you really think that little of your player-base?"

Short answer:  Yes, they do.

I'll let Rosina provide the longer answer, which gains some reasons why.  Knala from Sylph asked the question, and gave a well-reasoned, well-thought-out argument as to some things Knala feels we should be told.

Which is fine.

But Rosina posted on page 2 the ultimate truth of the matter, and that's when the thread went south.

Rosina's answer, and my comments thereto:

"First off, they do not have to tell you how the game works behind the scenes. Thats sorta how hackers/exploiters get data to make hax and exploits"

You basically have to understand that hackers and exploiters are the heads of the North American player-base.  Even to the point that Square-Enix' own North American Community Team salutes them for this known fact.  Hackers and exploiters run the show over here -- that's why you don't get much meaningful information on the North American side -- the JP side takes one look at the North American side, and basically has discarded all but their money.

This, alone, should answer Knala's question, a continuing question of those still allowed to post on the Official Forums.

The fact is that every event that Square-Enix has created, the BluGartr team has tried to exploit for it's own benefit and that of either no one else or only their friends.

BluGartr has done more to destroy this game than any other single group in the entire history of Final Fantasy XI.  Anyone who supports them within Square-Enix should be FIRED.  (I'm looking straight at you, Camate and Bayohne.)

Rosina continues:

"Second, luck based systems been in rpg since table top. You sorta NEED them in rpg because if everything was 100% content would would become obsolete that much faster."

But 0/700?  0/1000?  I've heard those numbers often around VoidWatch.  One of the reasons I don't do it that often.

(Another is pissants like Kecer, who decided to D2 me, even though I didn't ask him to, straight out of a VoidWatch chest which had a Heavy Metal Plate in it.  Thanks, motherfucker.  I'd slap you if I could find you.  Fuck you, as I said to you in-game.)

But Rosina makes up for it with this money-shot:

"Lastly, as for job balance, the fault lies with you guys. You guys pretty much fk'ed with the system. Now SE has to scramble to pretty much balance the game around you guys."

And there's the answer in three short sentences.  Right there, in living color.

The entire system, with Windower, bots, .dat swaps, Clipper, and exploits, has been completely fucked out of all proportion.  So Tanaka's "BARANCE!" mandate was nothing more than a last gasp for Square-Enix to get control of the game back.

You can even take this as far as the UI changes scheduled for the Seekers release.

But Square-Enix is being forced to deal with a bunch of little pissant shitheads who should be out of the game.  But because the North Americans seem to be interested in giving them rimjobs, you get stuff like VoidWatch...  NeoNyzul...  Legion...  etc. and so forth.

And Rosina, at least on the Official Forums, has taken my place as Official Lightning Rod.  I give it another month or two, and she'll be tossed.

Oh, and BG:  FUCK YOU.

PS:  If you really think I'm that harmless, set up a time and place that I can meet a couple of you guys and we'll see if you're right.

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