Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yep, somebody is going to have to get their ass kicked...

Just because...  Agents in the field (who know who they are) notified me of BG's latest attempts to have me show up at a Fan Festival, find their booth, and see how many thousands of dollars in computer damage I can do by taking the entire table, throwing it in their laps, and smashing as much as I can until the cops show up...

Today's little ditty ties me to the Official Forums' most controversial poster, Rosina (Kilta from Bahamut).

So, let's see what our "friends" at the community largest responsible for the complete destruction of any relevant hope of credibility for the North American FFXI brigade have to say in the realm of "We have had enough of this shit..." (calls for the Official BluGartr Appreciation Society...  Errrr...  The North American Community Team to aid in having Rosina expelled from the Official Forums have increased exponentially)
  • Basically likening us to the "Family Guy" wheelchair-cripple scene, probably with them just waiting to send Stewie in to screw us over in the bed, still in our wheelchairs.  Not that it wouldn't surprise me to see some of these BG fuckers take people in wheelchairs and tip them over, too.  Be about right up their alley.
  • Guitarman of Shiva is the first to officially want his ass kicked:  "her and starcade need to get together. that child would be the perfect being of unmitigated crazy." 
  •  Bechyni from Carbuncle:  "He could stalk her until she falls for him....then have random pauses....during sex for think."  (Hell, why don't we just admit we'd go over there and blow up her house for us considering her too retarded to continue to deserve to live?  You basically said that on this page too, guys!)
  •  Taruina just got tossed off the Official Forums, basically, for saying Rosina had "Attention Deficate Disorder".  Someone needs to get fucking slapped, and soon.
  • And they finally got Rosina at least deleted out of the Mumor thread.
Look, to the Japanese heads of FFXI, it's time to stop the bullshit.

Either you get somebody on the North American side of things that's going to enforce rules against third-party programs and the assholes in the community who use and promote them, or someone else is going to start doing something, if it's clear that BG can just pay people off to be at the top of the food chain over here.

The only way to deal with a bully is to bash his head in with a baseball bat, especially when the community is built to support said bully.

And no, GM Qeepel.  Everyone is NOT entitled to their opinion, especially in a community led by illegal players!

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