Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ringleaders of the NA Playerbase want their tribute from Square-Enix...

Square-Enix is telling them to screw off...

End of the AF2+2 Storage Slip Official Forums thread:

(Okipuit -- please note this is not Camate or Bayohne talking here...)

"Moogle storage slips were originally created to store items that you may not use as frequently. This is because storing and retrieving items through this method is not as efficient as storing things in your mog safe, locker, sack, or satchel.

If we were to give relic equipment +2 that has not been augmented its own moogle slip, and we continued at the pace, we would eventually reach a point where storage slips themselves would begin to clutter a player's inventory. So we have to be very careful about the pace at which we implement storage slips to avoid creating so many slips that they become inventory hogs as well. With these thoughts in mind, we ultimately decided to limit it to upgraded pieces only.

As for the time it took to get a response, I know that we have touched on this many times, but please understand that we cannot always reply to every single topic. However, that doesn't mean we aren't paying attention. When we have a concrete response for you, rest assured we will deliver it as soon as we can.

Finally, please note that constantly bumping threads asking for updates and attacking the staff will not be tolerated. With that said, this thread will be closed."

Well, first to the point at hand:

The Lords and Masters at BG will disagree, but you don't AF2+2 without immediate use of it.  It's a great substitute when you don't have the friend-base/third party programs to Abyseea your way to AF3+2.

The problem ultimately lies in the ability to carry all 20 jobs to 99 and actually attempt to gear more than two or three of them. 

But the real rub here is that another BG'er, and several others, basically have gone off once again to the effect of "WE DON'T GET ENOUGH INFORMATION FROM OUR BITCHES AT SQUARE-ENIX!"

Japan don't like you, motherfuckers, and, by extension, the JP's at Square-Enix (and many players too) have extrapolated that against the entire North-American player-base, since you BluGartr types are about the ONLY relevant North American player community.

So, when the JP higher-ups at Square-Enix see this:

"118 likes hmmmmmmmmmmm
It's probably because the OP doesn't have a JP account. <.<
I bet that Camate guy is playing flash games instead of reading the forums like he is supposed to."


"So this is all you could muster up between the microwave and You guys are truly uneducated if you believe adding another slip or even 1000 would clutter inventory. You don't even have to buy the slip in the first place, but aside from that, if we had 1000 slips that held 3 or more items each and never needed more than 1-2 at a time, they would all still save inventory, let alone a slip that holds 100 armors that we are requesting.

You should pass on a note telling your producer to intern at Blizzard for a week to see that there is such a thing as better service than what the JP's at SE can offer, it isn't that hard; 1) Pay attention, 2) respond, 3) implement what makes sense that people want. You should also take note that a satisfied customer is more valuable than Joe Schmoe, a loyal customer will keep their subscription going, obtain a better image of your company, and buy other products you provide; while an unhappy customer will stop giving you money and inform about ten times as many people about your failure than a happy customer would of success."

... and suspend your forum account, what other conclusion is anybody going to draw that you, as a member of BluGartr, are demanding your tribute from your bitches at Square-Enix North America, and Square-Enix Japan steps in and has, shall we say, told you no...

If Square-Enix Japan could've gotten rid of the entire North American Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV player community and have the MMO division survive, they'd not only have done so approximately January 22, 2009, they'd be a better company for it today in 2012!

Square-Enix Japan is DELIBERATELY withholding information from the North American player-base it routinely provides to it's Japanese counterparts.


Maybe if the North American playerbase weren't led by a bunch of cheating, trolling, griefing wankers who, by one of their admin's admission:

"Outside of maintenance people come to BG for lulz and fap material."

(which is ALL FFXI is to them -- to lulz at the weak and fap to themselves being strong)

... Square-Enix would not act in this manner.

The bad customer service is YOUR FUCKING FAULT, because you have basically taken the leadership of the player-base, and you've literally raped the player-base of all usefulness to Square-Enix, especially in Japan.

Why would Square-Enix feasibly serve ANY North American player to ANY realistic extent, when odds are they are either beholden to the cheating assholes who lead the North American player-base or are subservient or subjugated to them?

Fuck BluGartr.  The sooner someone comes in and shuts them down permanently, the sooner Square-Enix MIGHT serve the North American players again.

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