Tuesday, October 23, 2012

24PB for Swearing -- 3PP?? Appears to be perfectly fine with Senior GMs...

Somebody's gonna get their ass kicked.

Just not sure who, when, or where.

Suspended for 24 hours (effective JP Midnight tomorrow -- it's a 24PB (a 24-hour Penalty Box)) for a second swearing violation.  They wanted to leave it as a second warning, but I wanted a few more words with an SGM.

Before that, I gave Baudle the business when he administered the warning.  We're talking umpire-rhubarb level, here.

Then I left a GM call that basically said if the community of the game is more important to you than the enforcement of the rules, then, frankly, they'd better suspend me.

That eventually (after about 10 minutes in Mordion Gaol -- my second trip there) drew Supervising GM Baccanale.

What followed, I almost wish I could've screen-captured, and I know I will never get the log for.

It was about a 20-minute animated discussion (nothing I haven't been saying on this blog for four years), which of course Baccanale was referring to his cheat-sheet/macros/form letters to respond.  He was trying to get me to go through the typical channels I've done hundreds of times for GMs, and dozens for the STF.

(If they seriously want me to do that, I'll spend my in-game time GMing/STFing the fuck out of people.  If they want me to try to do it through the normal channels, the bulk (if not all) of my game-time will be rule enforcement.  They'll have to ban me for harassing the players through the GMs.)

I will go vigilante on not only Leviathan, but on everything I can have tools to go with.

And I openly called BULLSHIT (at least twice) when the SGM tried to tell me some of this was working.

At the end, I asked him this question:  "Are the Terms of Service still valid, or are they a fraud?"

Magic Word Invoked.  That ended it, since I declared a legal term on him.

He's right, though:  I would consider legal action if I weren't aware of decisions like Leong vs. Square-Enix and Mayer vs. Belichick, New England Patriots, and NFL .

(Of course, that action would've taken place 18 months ago.)

(And, ironically, that was a subject that I was animatedly talking to another player about while I was going at it with some Neo-Nyzul cheater-shitheads in Jeuno.)

Including these three, which were what drew the initial GM call:

"1 more idiot needed for Neo Nyzul I see. Get your gear now before the nerf fucks you cheaters up"

"Fuck you and your cheating bullshit, Staren. Stop lying to me or answer pchan's challenge and win his marrows."

"Most of you fuckers can't win shit without Windower and God knows what else you need to enjoy this game"

And I stand behind each and every one of these statements.

I have NO RESPECT for the FFXI player community in any way, shape, or form.  And that is a fact I made intimately clear to both Baudle and to Baccanale.

Unless I get an assurance (and far more than I got from these two GM's) that the rules are going to be enforced, don't expect me to start abiding by them.

Right now, I would probably be less likely to draw a 72PB and ban-investigation (which is next penalty) by using Windower and bots than I would by demanding the rules be enforced.

Especially because I'm about thisclose to taking matters into my own hands.  At this rate, I'm giving it about two weeks, and I may well have a freer hand than I want to have in that regard.


Tohi:  I know you'll read this.  Effective with the information I have, I should be back Friday, JP midnight.  You will have to solo tomorrow night.

Let the rest of Dynamis Tonight know.

I could probably use the break anyway.  It's not like, now that I have the Gungnir to 85, I really was doing much of anything anyway.  Outside of Dynamis runs, there may not be much for me to do outside of lower jobs.

And that's something a lot of motherfuckers on Leviathan had better get ready to deal with come Friday, if I decide to take Baudle/Baccanale's advice.

And I also let Baccanale know, in so many words, that if I were to come to another FanFest here, I'd bust somebody's head.

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