Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why The Attitudes of Most Gamers Suck, Part Two: Why NOT Cheat?

"What is so wrong about cheating?"

"The most successful people in the world are liars, cheaters, and thieves."  (Same thread.)

At least one good thing came out of the debacle:  Apparently the one team fined for cheating at the tournament did lose the Grand Final.  Taipei Assassins are your Season Two World Champions.

But Riot, e-sports in general, and League of Legends in particular have been devalued, debased, and de-legitimized.  Any desire I had to try out LoL -- minimal, at best, as it was -- left last weekend after the LA Live debacle and the cheating.

But if I've read the above attitude once in the last eight days, I've read it 100 times over the course of the last 15 years -- all the way back to the Magic: The Gathering days I used to have.

The fact is, without basically a zero-tolerance view of it, the gaming community wishes to take every illegal advantage it can, and there can be no legitimate nor professional play as long as that attitude is allowed, coddled, and encouraged.  This is especially troubling with million-dollar prizes being thrown about by several gaming companies now.

The fact is, if this is the attitude, then not only does cheating become the accepted mode of play, it soon becomes the ONLY mode of play.  (Which is effectively what BluGartr wants.)

In fact, I would state that players should, then, be allowed to remove from the game players who demand legitimate and legal play.  Effectively, to use FFXI as an example, my continued demands to see Windower cheats expelled actually damages the play-experience of the legitimate players -- and that, then, would be a violation of the Terms in and of itself.

This is why, charity streams aside, the mode of "gamer" in today's culture is still sneered upon -- and, for many of these little shits, it should be...  Especially with attitudes like this one!

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