Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some more things I probably need to explain slowly and use small words on the BluCheater crowd...

1) Eurell, the idiot, comes back with this zinger"I think the best line was one of his recent ones, and explains everything about him perfectly. He was shocked and appalled(sp) that SE would rather have people happy than enforce rules like not being able to name yourself Cloud or starcade."

Your spelling of appalled is probably correct -- it doesn't come up as erroneous on my spellcheck.  *shock!*

Anyhoo:  Not only shocked and appalled, but, frankly, Square-Enix should not be in the business of making players happy at all.  Because if they were, they're not only Doing It Wrong, but their entire User Agreement and the list of Prohibited Acts runs abjectly contrary to the concept of player satisfaction:

First:  The players should then be allowed, at their sole discretion, to remove any player for no reason more than that the Game Experience is lessened by the presence of those who would be eliminated under this clause.  You're Gimp/Confused/WTF?  See ya.  You don't use the "necessary" tools for "proper" advancement in the game?  There's the door.  (That takes care of "PS2 Limitations" and probably would do away with worldwide 24 hour play on all servers.)  You aren't hardcore enough?  Get off our game.  You're done.

Basically, at that point, the dominant communities in the game should determine who plays and who doesn't, because they are the only reason the game still exists, in a world where the business is making the players happy.

It is the current Internet environment and the like which makes me a complete non-believer in the concepts of freedom and liberty.  You cannot give me those things without serious infringement on others.  You cannot give them to others without serious infringement on me.

Second:  The absolute ownership rights to the in-game materials which Square-Enix has would have to be immediately revoked, and RMT made legal.  Why?  Take an HONEST look.  When there were 32 servers and a claimed two million accounts, it was pretty much a given that half of the characters, at least, were RMT.

This probably has not changed.  Take a look at the remaining major LS'es, take a look at the number of RMT mules out there, and take a look at the multitude of abuse in this game.  I've had it said in rather hushed tones, and I'm going to bring it out into the open.

In the eyes of many players, the only satisfactory economy in the game only exists because people can buy and sell gil for advancement in the game (illegal under User Agreement 2.2), or for real money (same).  In short, RMT drives the economy of Final Fantasy XI, and the Special Task Force (as I laughed in Baccanale's face on Tuesday night) has been able to do NOTHING to stop it.

(And, as a side comment, the further down the road Seekers gets pushed, the more likely that the game becomes even MORE RMT-driven.)

Evidence: still exists.  It is known as the definitive RMT-spam mechanism for years, and, under the current Agreement, should've been shut down in court as the counterfeiters they are, no different than if they were selling counterfeit Final Fantasy items on the open market.

Square-Enix cannot be in the business of catering to law-illegal play.  Hence, it cannot be in the business of making it's players happy, because, at best, it can insulate the Japanese player-base (and, hence, give them preferential treatment) from a clearly socially-engineered-as-illegal player-base here in North America.

2) Ahhh, BorkBorkBork rears it's ugly head"LMAO at he GM'd himself for copyright violation and basically got told to find something better to do. Must suck to get all puffed up to free the world from injustice and get told to piss off."

You realize what that means, do you not?  (Of course you don't, Swedish Chef...)  Since you probably read the longer post, I'll give you the Cliffs' Notes version:  It basically renders any act in the game legal as long as it does not disrupt the player-base "too much".  They asked me to review the Agreement before I returned.  I have.  I have taken actions consistent with the reading of the Agreement.

What has happened gets dangerously close to my hypothetical "if Square-Enix wanted to make the players happy" clause above.  I mean, think about it:  Blizzard already understands that people want to make real money and a portion of a living off their gaming (Diablo III RL AH, with all the e-mail spam fishing that goes with it.).

Simply playing the game is not enough, especially in a game which is clearly dead or dying, even in the eyes of most of the dominant players.  Especially the longer it goes before Seekers of Adoulin comes out, why else continue to play?  Most of the dominants claim they have a superior position in the game, and, as long as Square-Enix continues to cater solely to lining it's own pockets and being blind/deaf/dumb to everything else, that won't change.

If there are not enough players who wish to play the game under the Agreement, the Agreement cannot be enforced on any of us.  At that point, see that large cord and interface coming from the back of the server machines, guys in Japan?  Give all of them a good, hard, permanent yank.

3) Ronin Sparthos basically mirrors something I said earlier"He's not [a god-tier troll]. Guys clearly a psych patient who should be in a hospital or speaking with a therapist rather than further damaging himself through posting in an environment where the audience ranges from people looking for entertainment to people looking to egg him into something stupid.   Waiting for the inevitable psychotic break from this guy."

Take this from about eight-plus years of therapy:  Hospitalization, and I told the authorities in California they probably don't have another option.

The fact of the matter is, as I said earlier, the psychotic break has basically already occurred, in the eyes of many of the BG animals, to the point where the authorities should be involved for the outside safety of the community.  If you don't believe me, I re-point you back to what you guys said just today -- and, then, I would highly suggest holding yourself accountable.

I have no illusion that the desired end result is another run on the evening news.  Fact is:  I don't need to be pushed in that direction.  It's going to happen anyway. (at the rate things are going)

4) I would suggest Churchill contact the local authorities here if he believes what he has posted here.  He's basically accused me (probably trolling) of being Jerry Sandusky.  (For the record, I usually can't stand walking past schools anymore, because the little shits basically will be more than happy to terrorize anyone around them.  You BG motherfuckers would love the little shits at John W. North High School.  Basically a thinly-veiled gang incubator...  Place looks like a prison complex, and, given the kids I see come out of there when I have to go to the stores, has about that feel too.)

The thing is:  It frustrates me that you have no idea of the ownership of what you are saying.  You're like the "Debheads" back in the day, and my one major regret was, if I knew I was going to get arrested, not committing a heinous act on one ore more of them instead two years before at a convention in New Jersey.

5) To give anyone else an idea of how fucked in the head these idiots are:  I submit to you this mocking scorn they heap on Square-Enix for going after RMT...

HELLO -- they legally ARE forced to go after RMT.  (Or, do we get to the point that we revert to the point that, in the interest of player satisfaction, that RMT be made legal?)

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