Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A little note for the GMs and SGMs of Final Fantasy XI

I'm going to give you a list as to the Terms of Service my very presence in the game at all violates:

3.2  Disruption.  You may not in any way disrupt or interfere with the Game experience of other players, including the disruption of SQUARE ENIX’s computers and servers.

In the present FFXI player community, my very presence in the game and the demand that the Terms be imposed on all players is a violation of the Terms in and of themselves.  And some of them may well learn this come Thursday my time/Friday JP.

The demand that Windower cheats be removed is a Disruption to the Game Experience of Windower players, the preferred class, up to and including GMs.  In fact, if one wanted to take a fully-BluGartr view of it, the fact that I don't use Windower, in and of itself, might well be a Disruption to the Game Experience, because my waste of computer and server space is lagging the Experience for other players.

In fact, on edit, it would also be a Disruption to the Game Experience of the other players for me not to use Windower and bots and third party programs if they are the expectation of any real level of play.  It would very easily deny people the opportunity to play certain aspects of the game which are community-accepted to require such otherwise-illegal content.

Hence, I either violate Cheating and Bots, or Disruption.  Hence, I could not play Final Fantasy XI legally even if I wanted to!
3.3  Profanity and Offensive Language.  You may not use profanity or any language that a reasonable person would find offensive.  The Game is for players aged 13 and older.  You agree to behave accordingly.

That's how we got here.

The game does not want me in public communication with the other players in any way, shape, or form after this incident.

3.6  Any Illegal Activities.  You may not conduct any illegal activities whatsoever in connection with the Game.  This includes every illegal activity not specifically highlighted above, including without limitation gambling, defamation, harassment, and fraud.

The very fact I'm even in the game is harassment.

The very fact that I am in the game is also a threat, express or implied.  And one got stated to SGM Baccanale too tonight.

3.9  Non-Commercial Spamming/SpimmingYou may not use (or abuse) the in-game chat and message services to harass other players.

Hell, let's tack this on too.  Anything a "reasonable person" does not like and serves no legitimate purpose is harassment under the law, so...

You don't want me back, Square-Enix.  But if you want me to try to do as Baccanale asked, you'll find out how many people I believe to be in violation and will probably draw another violation on my account to attempt to enforce!

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