Thursday, October 25, 2012

There are BluGartr posters in bad need of an immediate lobotomy...

I can't believe I have to do this...

But just before I take a nap this morning, I see THIS on the Order of the BluCheater:

Eurell from Bismarck needs a lobotomy, a slap upside the head, or just a simple brain transplant:

"He's also trying to get John Cena suspended from WWE. Is he aware that wrestling is fake?"


Let's get down to all this so that people can understand how idiotic Eurell (and the current WWE creative team) is...

Last Monday, AJ Lee, for about 2-3 months, the face General Manager of RAW, was forced to resign by the apocryphal "Board of Directors" for fraternizing with a superstar while GM of RAW and under probation for other incidents while in office.

(Now let us also understand that the "evidence" was planted by Little Miss Excuse Me (Vickie Guerrero), who has taken an equivalent of the position as a heel.)

Now, it is, later that episode, learned that John Cena was the superstar AJ was fraternizing with -- though he believes it was a business dinner.

Here's where Eurell got involved:

John Cena, in character, wrote this on his Twitter account to Vickie:

"Bit of advice I know u r proud of your 'actions' but if u wanna run your mouth about me, it wont work. Ask "

(Forgetting of course that The Rock defeated him at Mania 28 and made him look bad at Mania 27!)

I responded to him with the only sensical outcome of this situation:

I would be careful of that Board of Directors if I were you. If what you did merited AJ's resignation, they should suspend you." 

I am fully aware that wrestling is fake, you dipshit Eurell.  I've been watching professional wrestling longer than you've been alive.

But, in so doing, I at least ask that they do a credible job of actually doing something which makes sense, idiot.

It is completely non-sensical (and misogynistic) to hold only the female half of that purported affair/fraternizing/etc. responsible for HER actions without holding the male half of it responsible for HIS.

(I made a similar comment to Vickie's in-character Tweet on the same subject.)

There are also other non-sensical things about this angle, but I feel like I'm dealing, in Eurell and his ilk, with a four-year-old brat who needs to be slapped upside the head.


I guess I should read the rest of the overnight developments in the Bash Starcade Beyond All Sense of Recognition Sub-Thread to the Official Forums thread (God, do these pieces of shit deign to remember that I've been banned from the Official Forums for over 18 months now???)...

Guitarman is trying to work his way back up the list, I see...
"Apparently a few months ago he decided I was "first in line" yet my ass remains unkicked. Apparently if you're not Debbie Gibson you're not worth getting off your 2-ton ass for."

 It's not that, moron.  I have other things than to spend my time fapping at everyone else's demise in a video game/life.

Trust me, though:  At the rate things are going, much of the impediment to asses getting kicked may well be removed in the next few weeks or months.  Then, it just becomes a matter of which of Edward Elric's "so many asses that need to be kicked" shows itself in front of my foot.

You ain't worth it because you are a steaming pile of shit.  You are the perfect representative of why I openly told a GM and an SGM that I have absolutely no respect for the player-base of FFXI.

You're a disgrace, boy.  But, if the time comes and you let me know exactly WHERE I need to "get off my 2-ton ass" to, we can make arrangement.

Churchill:  You just didn't announce your presence until after you left, bitch.

Ahh, I see your argument, and it is not surprising, Kohan, that you would state this from the steaming pile of puke that is the Asura Server.

Much of my problem with the game is not with the administration, but with YOU (collective).

I will be more than understanding if you can't differentiate between cowardice and having something else in your life that makes you understand that you have to basically only openly state that the day is coming, but is not here yet.

If that happens, the first target might well not be the El Segundo offices of Square-Enix NA.

You see, I'm old-school.  You want to have your little playground where you are God with your illegal tools.

That's not going to end well.

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