Sunday, October 7, 2012

LoL Drama, Part Deux: Why doesn't someone just force Riot to call off the LoL Worlds?

We now have various video and pictoral evidence which now implicates that five of the teams in the World Tournament have committed acts of cheating.

Riot is doing nothing but attempting to cover up and say they did due diligence in policing the tournament.

By God...  You're making Wizards of the Coast look good, circa the Mike Long days...

Someone has to stop the tournament.  Riot is completely incapable of running a two-million-dollar professional e-sports tournament.  The amount of idiocy that is mounting against Riot in this situation just absolutely boggles me that they are even going to portend to continue this tournament after what they now call a "hardware problem" crashing their tournament completely.

Wow.  There'll be more on this one.  I get the feeling we're really going to hear it bad.

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