Thursday, October 25, 2012

"All sorts of angry"? Sure. But not at what you think...

Saw that gem later this morning.

Of course, I guess, since we now take pride in this country in being the stupidest nation on the entire fucking planet Earth, I can see why you take great pleasure in not only your complete refusal to read anything that doesn't feed your fapping fetish, but in that your collective mindfuck of everything reasonable makes you the dominant force in the North American FFXI player community.

It's so bad that:

1) I'd rather be incarcerated than share society with you.

and 2) If it were practical, I'd renounce my American citizenship and leave this sinking Titanic.  (Too bad I know that no other nation would take me.)

You are not only a bunch of criminal shitheads who should have your website shut down for the usage and promotion of illegal tools, but you are the STUPIDEST MOTHERFUCKERS I've seen in a long time.

In fact, I'm going to give you some free advice.  If you believe half of what you post there about me, you'd best get in contact with the Los Angeles office of the FBI.

Because, at that point, I'm far too dangerous to your personal safety to be allowed to continue on the outside.  If I'd go 1,000 miles for Deborah Gibson, who the fuck are you to think you'd get any better?

Think about that.

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