Monday, October 22, 2012

And two more pieces of RMT abuse bite the biggie, and people aren't happy about it...

Oh, how these people don't get it...

Today, an unscheduled RMT maintenance was done today -- along with yet another attempt to fix Meeble Burrows (what is that, now, #7 or #8?).

But what's got the player-base up in arms (again) is the two newest anti-RMT moves:
  • Say goodbye to the chocobo blinkers runs.  The price for chocobo blinkers was reduced today by a factor of about 85%, down to about 63 gil.
  • Say goodbye to the people farming cruor to buy (and then NPC) the cruor gear -- you can't sell it at all anymore to NPCs.
And, oh, is the shitstorm starting.

You know, I've got a very real question for a lot of people who are in the middle of this shitstorm:

If we were actually to do a real investigation here, how many legitimate players are there left in the game?  Especially on the NA side??

Most of you people are probably no better than the damn RMTs with your Windower and the like...

A lot of people are saying "this screws over the good people for no good reason..."...

How many of those people are there still playing FFXI with all the bullshit going on?

How many of those people SHOULD BE playing FFXI with all the bullshit going on??

So, what's next?
  • A lot of people are saying "RMT Dynamis floods incoming!"  A lot of the RMT shits have been using Dynamis for months, just not literally hundreds at once.  It might well get to the point that you might well see Dynamis currency go Exclusive...  Might make Dynamis Tonight a bit more interesting, because it'd make splits a lot harder to deal with.
  • There has to be a nerf to the present state of the game's Auction House.  I'm literally seeing almost any low-level item being a possible use of money-laundering by literally dozens of RMT shits.  I've seen Yagudo Feathers, I've heard of Cure scrolls...  I mean, something's got to be done on that too.
  • And, finally, there HAS TO BE some Seekers of Adoulin news, quickly!  People are going to quit.  There's nothing to keep a lot of people here at this point....

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