Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WOO HOO!! Hypergame-cheaters get blown to bits!

Say goodbye to Neo-Nyzul -- nice to know you.

Square-Enix just blew it up with the expected nerfs on Perfect Defense and Embrava:

Perfect Defense:
  • Old:  90 seconds.
  • New:  30 second base, 1 additional second for every 20 summoning magic.
Embrava gets nailed HARD:
  • Old:  5 minute duration, Regain effect, haste capped at > 25%.
  • New:  90 seconds duration, Refresh instead of the Regain, Haste is now 15% + 1/20 Enhancing capped 25%
I am dancing in the end zone at these nerfs.

Will people quit?  I'm probably talking to one who will, pissed off at me already for me shouting it in Jeuno.

The facts are simple:
  • As far as SE JP is concerned, there are no legitimate players.  Between yesterday's blinker nerf and the upcoming nerfs here, it's a clear signal that, at best, cheaters are being tolerated as needed to be on the game until SoA would come out.  The problem is that there are so few legitimate players that the fact the players are legit does not matter.
  • The Tanaka Concept of BARANCE has been maintained with Matsui -- and, again, I go back to the lightning rod, who said that Tanaka was trying to balance the game against the cheaters.
  • The elitist fucks in this game are still cheating to gain content they have no right to.  There should be PRECISELY ZERO people playing Neo-Nyzul Isle.  The entire event was designed to force cheating for any reasoned level of success -- just like Salvage back in the day before 1/22/09.
Fuck you, cheaters.  I raise a toast at your demise.

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