Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abyssea trailer released -- sales begin. Update is June 21.

That's pretty much all, but it does sound like that we will not have to have Walk of Echoes access to get Abyssea.

Trailer, on the add-on site, seems to show both Meriphataud [A] and La Thiene [A], seeming to indicate that we are looking are more "alternate reality/timeframe" zones of what we already have.

Also, introduction of the third mega-weapon set -- and it is basically Magians... The Emperyal Weapons are the third mega-weapon set, and they do appear to be Magian-based. Probably Abyssea, after the current content.

Update IS the 21st -- preparatory update is on the 10th, but no change in game til the 21st.

Abyssea on sale now.


Volkai said...

I'm rather excited about the June update. New spells and abilities (maybe new traits as well *fingers crossed*) as well as expanded subjob stuff... and Abyssea looks like it's going to be great!

Are you excited about it as well?

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

We'll see... Looking forward to the power structure changing than anything else...