Friday, June 25, 2010

Two things which don't completely negate the goodness, but temper it a little...

-- Presto (the DNC 77 ability which makes two levels of step effect in one shot for an extra finishing move) shares the same timer with Steps. So not only are you expending two rounds of time for the three finishing moves and two levels (one less than if you did two steps), but you don't have long not to have lose the effect whatsoever.

-- Spiritual Jump and Jump work in the same manner.

Doesn't make them suck, mind you...

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Volkai said...

I've noticed a pattern here -- many of the >75 abilities share timers with low-level abilities, and also have similar effects.

I think what SE is going for with this is forcing players to make tactical decisions about which ability to use at which time. For example, Steal and Despoil both give you an item (if they hit), but Aura Steal doesn't work on Despoil, and I wouldn't be surprised if Steal+ gear doesn't affect it. So if you want better loot, or if you want to gank buffs (assuming you've merited Aura Steal,) you'll want to use Steal. However, if your prey has no buffs to gank or you really need to weaken the mob, Aura Steal is relatively useless and you'll want to use Despoil for the debuff effect.


As for Presto, I'll say the same thing I did on LBR and on my LS forum:

Presto has several uses while still being an ability you use strategically, instead of simply spamming it.

1) At the start of a fight
Shortly before battle begins, hit Presto. Your first Step will return three Finishing Moves instead of two, and its effect will be that of two uses of that Step. This reduces the number of steps to maximize the return of Reverse Flourish from three to two.

2) Mid-Battle
Normally, you gain two Finishing Moves per Step, so it takes three Steps to cap out your five Finishing Moves - but that sixth Finishing Move is lost. With Presto you gain three instead of two Finishing Moves with that second Step and you spend 10TP less to receive the five Finishing Moves, enhancing your your TP and thus Reverse Flourish efficiency by what can add up to a significant amount.