Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, get THIS crud...

There are days that I wonder if there is one player who doesn't use the illegal shit other than me -- and those days are about when I see the rank idiocy of a lot of the players.

Don't believe me??

We try to do "Into the Beast's Maw", and this idiot SAM mistakes his Instant Reraise for his Instant Warp and warps out. We lose, he has to leave for 90 minutes, and we now have 2 hours more to wait (that I probably won't be able to, thanks for nothing!!) for him to come back to try again -- because this was a group set up a couple days ago by Sephina!!

Who's the dummy writing this show??


adam westwood said...

So idiocy automatically means players must cheat? lol

By that logic you're a cheater too.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Nice try, dipshit.

Fortunately, we did clear the rest of the missions in the main line -- took us til about 2 AM....

Volkai said...

It's entirely plausible the SAM doesn't cheat. Scroll of Instant Warp and Scroll of Instant Reraise show up right next to each other on the Items menu. If you're using it through the menu instead of with a text command or macro, it's entirely plausible to mistake one for the other by accident, especially if your attention is on something else, such as fighting the mob -- and even moreso if the reason you're hitting the scroll is because said mob is currently in the process of eating your face.

But then, I tend to follow that adage -- never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Volkai: My problem is with the autopilot nature of a lot of players. You'd think (especially since this is a mission fight and not a cycled BCNM or something) that they'd have their head in the game as it were. That's what I am saying.

It's not specific to the one SAM. I see it all the time (which see the "forgot the RR" rant I made a while back).

Volkai said...

Side note on the previous post: On pretty much any server you can get 30-50 mil for one KClub. If you can get one KClub every six months since the 12/2006 update, that's four before the Salvage bans. At 50mil per, that's 50*4= 200,000,000gil.

At 5k/1byne, 12k/bronzepiece, 15k/whiteshell, that's a Gjallarhorn with 10mil left over.

At an average of 300 singlepieces (after factoring in 100piece drops) per run, you're looking at 31,200 singles per year.

It takes roughly (16,000-3,000=) 13 thousand singles to make a relic. That's just over two relics per year. Six relics in three years without even buying currency.

So it's possible to get lots of relics without breaking ToS. You just need a constant supply of people that want Relic Armor.

Volkai said...

Oh hey.

"My problem is with the autopilot nature of a lot of players."

This happens often when players are tired or exhausted. Or bored. I'm certainly guilty of going on 'autopilot' back when I was leveling Black Mage. I was half-asleep by an hour in, and I usually passed out before hour three.

Admittedly, this was also back in the day when I was working 18-hour shifts at Jimmy John's, coming home at 5am. (Also when I was on PS2.)