Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update before the update, again...

Well, unless something unforeseen happens tonight, I should be 1 TNL 76 on DRG and DNC, as planned.

Doing "Into the Beast's Maw" at the moment as we speak. A victory there basically puts me at "Darkness Descends". Hopefully, I can get that done tonight too and be on "Adieu, Lilisette" to be on the final nation quest set tomorrow.

No Dynamis today, last Wednesday was Buburimu -- another win, DRG belt dropped, and the OTHER Dragoon got it.

Did some VNM's with a new all-DNC linkshell that Kiana put together -- did a couple Urds, got another DNC a Choeria Earring...

Tried to get some of the Sunday Dyna shell caught up on WotG, but Adelheid was being stupid again.

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