Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some charity notes from the gaming blogosphere...

-- Another marathon of Mario games was just completed over the weekend, a third annual event...

This marathon, for Child's Play, raised $81,816.

Details here.

That's almost $140,000 between them and The Speed Gamers recent effort for ACT Today.

-- Oh, speaking of The Speed Gamers...

The Speed Gamers is attempting to raise awareness of ACT Today, with a possible $250,000 payoff at the end of the month from Pepsi, if the gaming community is supportive enough.

Details on their effort can be found here.

This is not, per se, a charity marathon, but they are going to have a "Month of Zelda" to raise awareness for a voting campaign through the Pepsi Refresh project, where they will stream every night for the next month in an effort to raise votes for ACT Today.

If they get one of the top two numbers of votes, the charity wins a cool quarter of a million dollars from Pepsi.

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