Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boy, is this a 300th post to remember...

Because, as of the moment, I don't have an account on FFXI.

Well, not really, it's been frozen for an LM-21 nonpayment on a credit card, declined authorization.

They double-charged my credit card (including a second World Transfer Fee) -- and the money is in my account, waiting to be taken out. The credit card company correctly

EXCEPT: They didn't take it out.

Now, for the last two days, we've gotten reports that the North American Square-Enix Support Center has had to have limited access during their business hours (basically, anything requiring authentication of who you are and all that stuff), so that means I'm off the game til they fix it -- and THEN I probably have to fish something out after that.

And it's for "emergency registration server maintenance". You don't think that's the reason it's gone wacky? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... Of course it is!!!

Something in the ether wants me out of here this week. I can see that. Before I got yanked last night, I was running to do a quest in Oldton Movalpolos (or however that's spelled -- that's how often I go there), I get pulled into a VNM group, and the Lamprey Lord wipes us -- twice.

So, anyhoo... Off to see if I can glean any information as to what the problem is, and we'll go from there.

ON EDIT: Agent Tiffany, bless you, but I already knew before I submitted my information for the Web Chat that nothing specific could be done because of the maintenance. So that's 20 minutes of my life I won't get back (seemingly banging my head against the wall to explain that to her....). No information gleaned at all.

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