Monday, June 21, 2010

So screw me for having a real life...

This is reminding me of the updates before the last year or so...

Had RL business to attend to this morning, and now basically CANNOT get in to do the goddamned update.

And I know if I wait, it'll be Thursday or so, because of a combination of emergency maintenances and every damn player downloading all the new stuff.

Literally spamming the Retry for 20 minutes now (now over a dozen POL-1160s, and the occasional POL-1161), and I've gotten to start the download ONCE.

EDIT #1: 3:17 PM. 25 more minutes, one more try in, got frozen out the moment everything got checked before the first file could be downloaded. Two reboots, a de-crapify, and a disk defrag later, trying to get back in to where I was to start the process AGAIN!

EDIT #2: Two hours after I finally got in, sounds like it's almost done!! Off to get Merit Points, sounds like!! :)

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