Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walk of Echoes announced...

As one of the final update things before the big update to take us to level 80, they finally announce Walk of Echoes, what it will be, and what restrictions...

First off, the restrictions:

You must be level 70 or above.

You must have progressed at least to "Cait Sith" in the Wings of the Goddess storyline.

(But I think that's like mission 3 or something...)

What is the Walk of Echoes?

Basically, from what I read, a combination of Campaign and Besieged...

There will be a number of progressive battlefields, each with fearsome foes. There will be a participant limit AND a time limit.

While the participant limit has not been reached in a battlefield, anyone can join it, much as in a Campaign or Besieged battle.

There is a series of foes, and, at the conclusion, three (apparent) levels of booty:

1) Items dropped by monsters (lotted by any and all participants in that fight)
2) Items dropped at the end of a successful run via a Campaign Union-style chest...


*rant over* Where was I...

3) Sufficient participation can give individual players further loot (*perhaps to combat #2*).

I think you see my main complaint above. Will be fun to _try_, but...


Couple of other things:

Forgive me, Aneiro, if I have no sympathy for your "open letter". First off, we have our strong differences. Second, you've got graduation and beyond come August. At some point, much like some of the other programs, new people are going to have to come in.

But make no secret: I have very little respect, now, for the people who represent us, the players. I know there's at least one podcast AND the main information portal for the game which openly coddles cheating and misconduct. I just seem to find that it's more important in life to have friends and to have people with you than have any sense of integrity or reality in this world.

That's fine. It's one of the reasons I'm certain that something is going to come up -- and I'll be banned from this game in about three months. Someone is going to finally piss me off (and I estimate it'll be about the time of second Abyssea), and I'm going to be gone when I finally tell them to, bluntly, piss off.

I do not trust the FFXI community, nor the rank and file playerbase.

Speed Gamers: Two hours short of halfway. $17,152 -- probably about $7,000 or so short of where they need to be (I'm not certain they can get the "end of telethon" bump that's going to make up what probably is going to be the difference between getting their goal of $50,000 and getting a more realistic idea of $35,000...) if they want to make the $50,000 they made in last year's Final Fantasy marathon.


Volkai said...

Sounds like the solution to the lotting issue is to make a group of people you at least trust enough to think won't cheat on lotting, that is big enough to hit the participant limit.

adam westwood said...

Lot bots don't exist dude, 30 seconds of googling would show you that.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Volkai: That's not possible in the WoE mechanic. As long as there's room, apparently anyone can jump into the fight.

Adam: You really think I'm that fucking stupid. So how many bots do you play with, you fucking shithead?

adam westwood said...

Lol figured I'd get a blatant tinfoil speculation response like that out of you mike.

Seriously before you go shooting off your mouth, search the internet to see if a lot bot actually exists for FFXI. Cause it doesn't haha.

adam westwood said...

Do I think you're stupid enough not to spend 30 seconds looking it up? Yes. You're an angry retard.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

No, shithead.

It's because people like you wouldn't tell people about it.

You don't seem to understand that the same two or three people seem to win lots for a lot of things across all the servers, moron.

Someone really needs to beat the motherfucking shit out of you. Don't get near me, or I will.

adam westwood said...

Actually it has to do with the mechanics of the server and how lots work which makes it impossible to hack. Do yourself a favor and beat yourself up now Mr. Angry.

Oh I just transfered over to your server too. Looking forward to pissing you off so badly that GM bans you!

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Why? That would be of the same level of being able to have a HNM "pop purple" -- meaning that it had already been claimed, which would mean they would've had to (by manipulating packets or somesuch) get into the system...

But simpletons like you don't understand that -- because you don't want to admit that what you are doing is cheating.

Fuck you, fuck the horse you rode in on, and welcome to Leviathan.

Volkai said...

"Volkai: That's not possible in the WoE mechanic. As long as there's room, apparently anyone can jump into the fight."

It's possible due to that conditional 'as long as there's room.'

Stuff it with enough people you trust, and there won't be room. Simple enough. Of course, the hard part is finding that many people that you trust, and then stuffing them into a zone all at the same regular time.